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Kamu SM - Government Certification Authority was established in 2005 within National Research Institute of Electronic and Cryptology (BILGEM UEKAE) a subsidiary of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey  (TUBITAK). Kamu SM is authorized by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority to operate according to the act of Electronic Signature Law 5070 published on January 15, 2004. TUBITAK BILGEM UEKAE, has been assigned by government to create Kamu SM for its competency in areas of information security and electronic signature technologies.

Kamu SM specializes in qualified certification services to confirm the identity of individuals, provide reliability and security of e-documents, electronic data and hardware. Use of qualified electronic certificates issued by Kamu SM in electronic signatures enables the identification of the signature owner and detection as to whether signed electronic data has been altered.

Kamu SM is obligated to prepare Qualified Electronic Certificates, to load signature creation data with these certificates into the Secure Electronic Signature Hardware and to deliver the certificate to the certificate owner. Kamu SM uses secure products and systems to collect applicant data, to prepare and deliver the certificates, manage operations in a reliable way, and to take all necessary measures in order to avoid certificates being copied or distorted.  All government organizations are obliged to obtain their qualified electronic certificates from Kamu SM, a rule set by the Prime Minister's related Circular.

Services provided by Kamu SM are based on TUBITAK UEKAE PKI technology which is developed under the National PKI (MA3) project.